Industrial Style Product Photography

Tim Martin is an industrial style product photographer based in Los Angeles. Specializing in fire and special effects product photography techniques. 


Fire Photography 

There is nothing like adding the glow of fire to your products. It brings out a sense of primal excitement in your product that is hard to replicate any other way. 

Specialty PRoduct Photography

Tim Martin specializes in industrial warehouse product photography. Associate your product with that cool industrial vibe. 

Standard Product Photography

Industrial products look best with dark and steel grey backgrounds. Make your products look their best with the right lighting and background that matches its use.

Case Studies

A Fan of Fans

A Hollywood special effects company needed their specialty fans to stand out to professional image makers. Learn how smoke and mirrors were used to make this equipment pop!

BeaSt Build

When a local custom dirt bike builder needed to show off his latest build. He wanted it to really pop. The bike was a custom two-stroke motor known to enthusiasts as a smoker. A perfect fit to Tim Martin's photo style. Learn about this photo shoot. 

Hi, I'm TiM! 

I'm passionate about creating visually interesting shots that help you show your products in the best light. The key for me is visual intrigue. I can wait to hear about your exciting product and tell you how I can help make it stand out.

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